Data Supports Spiroplasma

It is a remarkable fact that almost all the data used to support the prion concept is conjecture. It is unfortunately the case that the wrong science is being used to address the CWD panzootic.

What follows are numerous lines of evidence supporting the role of an extreme thermo-acidophilic bacterium (spiroplasma sp.) in the pathogenesis of chronic wasting disease and the other transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (with references).

  • spiroplasma identified by TEM in CJD brain tissues (Ref 1 & 2)
  • spiroplasma in aqueous fluid of sheep with terminal scrapie (Ref 9) 
  • experimentally spiroplasma-infected animal model (Ref 3 & 4)
  • spiroplasma induces spongiform encephalopathy (Ref 3 & 4)


  • clinical evidence of brain stem lesions (Ref 8)

  • morphological evidence of brain stem lesion (Ref 8)


  • morphological evidence of brain stem lesion (Ref 8)

  • localization to eyes- retinopathy (Ref 9)


  • culture of spiroplasma from CWD & TSE-affected tissues (Ref 7 & 12)

  • passage in embryonated eggs (Ref 7)


  • growth on agar with formation of subsurface plaques (Ref 12)

  • identical biological characteristics of transmissible TSE agent as shown by enumeration of subsurface plaques on agar (Ref 13) 


  • reaction scrapie hyperimmune sera with spiroplasma fibrils (Ref 5) 

  • ELISA reaction spiroplasma recombinant HSP60 with CJD sera (Ref 14) 


  • formation of alpha synuclein in spiroplasma mirum infected mammalian tissue culture

  • normal prion protein isoform on cell surface is receptor for bacterium-explains interaction of prion with spiroplasma

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